A huge thank you to all our donors and fundraisers who make the valuable work of the charity possible.

Below is just a few of the people who have made our work possible, we would of course like to thank the hundreds of donors who contribute daily to keep the hospital open. We regularly thank people on our social media pages, so if you have recently donated please keep a check on this page.

Don’t forget to do your shopping via this link, and SWCC will receive a % of what you spend!

Without your help we would not be able to save the thousands of hedgehogs we have received over the years. Our current running costs have escalated to over £3,000 a month and so we are very grateful for your help.

Financial donors

  • Shepreth Wildlife Park
  • Friends of Paradise Wildlife Park
  • Marley Eternit
  • The Howard and Hlawatsch Trust
  • Excell Fire Safety Services Ltd
  • NCPI Ltd
  • Tony Deans
  • Animal Defence Trust
  • James Dann Smith Memorial Fund
  • First Capital Connect
  • Argon Designs
  • Ziath
  • John Lewis Partnership Community Fund
  • Davies Solicitors
  • GE Energy Management
  • Pets at Home
  • Abcam
  • The Tropical Butterfly House and Wildlife Park
  • THSP Risk Management
  • Bonfitness Pilates
  • The PwC Foundation
  • Waitrose Community Fund
  • Ferguson Foundation
  • Pipasha Curry House
  • Interm IT Ltd
  • Cambridge Botanical Gardens
  • Ringway

Product donors

  • Brand Art – suppled merchandise
  • Blue Cross – supply carry crates for hedgehogs for release
  • Wood Green Animal Shelter – supply cat food
  • Mars Ltd – provide a constant supply of cat food for all the hedgehogs
  • Monkfield Nutrition – provide mealworms
  • Air2Hire – provide us with provision to air conditioning
  • Huttie – donated the hospital a boiler
  • Hettie’s Helpers – continuously donate essential items for the hospital
  • Lily’s Kitchen – supply cat food
  • ARK Wildlife – supply hedgehog food
  • Befriend a hedgehog – continuously donate essential items for the hospital

Education institutions

  • Steeple Morden Primary School
  • Homerton College
  • Letchworh School
  • Melbourn village college
  • Crosshall Infant School Academy Trust
  • Barrington Primary School
  • Henlow Church of England Academy

Individual supporters

  • Liz Dams
  • Graham Harding – provides prizes for fundraising events
  • Nick Parry-Evans – provides prizes for fundraising events
  • Sue Stubley – provides prizes for fundraising events
  • Bev Harding – provides prizes for fundraising events
  • Carolyn Causton – musical events
  • Hilary Marsh
  • Olga Barlow & family
  • Meli & Ed Hallam wedding gift fund
  • Sean and Di wedding gift fund
  • Lainie and Pete wedding gift fund
  • Angela Marriott and friends
  • John Brown – golf fundraiser
  • Ali Hepburn – company support
  • Alex Abbotts – sponsored event
  • Rebecca Willers – sponsored events
  • Alix Jones – sponsored event
  • Katherine Cisek – sponsored event
  • Sandra Ortuno – artwork
  • Sue Head – tiger gifts
  • Mark AKA ‘Father Christmas’
  • Simon & Rosie

Amazon wish list supporters

  • Steven Cherry
  • Judy Roy
  • Sapphire Xzena

Monthly Just Giving Supporters

  • Lesley Pawlaczyk
  • Graham Pearl
  • Pamela Davies
  • Leona Offord
  • Celia Duff
  • Stuart Smith
  • Carolyn Rutherford
  • Robert Izzard
  • Sharon Hay
  • Jay Paris
  • Victoria Allpress

Child fundraisers

  • Aimie & Libby Taylor
  • Rebecca Hannon
  • Rebecca Hammett
  • Harvey  & Scarlett Ennew
  • Amy Peto
  • Megan & Alex
  • Amber, Ellie & Zoe Ratcliffe

And of course a huge thank you to our Hedgehog Hospital trustees, staff and amazing volunteers – we couldn’t do it without you.